deer eating hostas

Hosta Stick Garden

by grace on July 20, 2019

Last Saturday morning, the 14th, i finished transplanting every single last hosta from all over the yard into the fenced yard. Whew.

As i wrote previously, i first dug them up, piled them in the wagon and pulled the wagon into the bedroom front door and out the back into the fenced yard. because, of course, there’s no way to actually open the back gate because then Lester would immediately find out a new way to escape.

this was a lot of work because the wagon full of hosta sticks was quite heavy.

the next time i tried it, i instead hurled the hostas over the fence. i had been meaning to ask kevin to lower them in a buck over the fence to me, but i decided this other way wasn’t bad. the hostas survived my hurtling, and it way better than the wagon.

but then i decided that the perfect solution was to pile some into a bucket and carry it back to the yard. the ones i’d flung over the fence had left piles of dirt in the yard, which annoyed me.

so last saturday morning i dug up the remaining hostas down at the bottom of the deck and then dug up a giant hosta right in front of the porch; last year the deer hadn’t touched it, but this year, anything goes.

i finally dug up the few remaining hosta sticks in the circle out front – this was the last part of the giant hosta circle that dad had been proud of. i’d transplanted some of the hostas from there to other places before, and there were only six or seven little hosta sticks left. it’s a little sad that the hosta circle is gone, but at least many of those hostas are going to live a happy life in the fenced yard.

kevin had tossed seven bags of mulch over the fence for me, and he’d also helped dig a few holes, and i got it all done and was exhausted but happy.

my Hosta Stick Garden

I took these pictures on saturday after i finished, and they’re already looking better.

this one even bloomed! i’m pretty sure this is one i’d transplanted a few days earlier.

I’ve been watering them and have high hopes.

and then, i have about eight or 10 daylilies that need to be transplanted, plus some big hydrangea, all at the side of the house. every bud has been eaten off the lilies plus the deer are eating the stems, and they’re making their way through the hydrangea.

right now there’s no place to put all these flowers until kevin does more tilling in the fenced yard. so that’ll wait a while. which is fine by me.

plus i want to plant some roses of sharon in most of the empty places where the hostas had been, but that can also wait.

last friday night, amy, mom and i took a lovely boat ride.

the motor was making such a spectacular wake, but there was no way to get a good photo – maybe somebody with a better camera could get one that’s not so blurry.

and one final funny thing – i wasn’t home last saturday afternoon, and kevin decided to take les for a walk. lester walked under the deck and sat there, waiting for unsuspecting birds to appear. soon kevin realized that les was not going coming out; he wouldn’t even look at kevin who was trying to get him to emerge.

kevin texted me, telling me of his quandary and i suggested shaking a treat container at him.

he tried, and later told me that les did finally turn to look at the sound, then he poked his head out a litttle, and then one paw, and finally came out enough for kevin to pick him up. funny kitty!

ok then,

mrs. july hughes.


animal adventures…

by grace on July 2, 2019

last night kevin had gone to bed, i was about to get ready for bed, and just as i was putting my headphones in my ears to listen to my audio book, i thought i heard kevin call my name. odd. i decided i was imagining it, but then he called me again.

hurrying into the bedroom, i saw kevin clutching lester. “there’s a baby bunny under the pillow,” said kevin, “get les out of here.”

wow! i quickly hustled les paul out of the room and secured the doors so he couldn’t get back in. kevin also asked for a pair of gloves so i brought some in to him. when i got back in the room, kevin had been searching for the baby bunny because of course it had hopped away, and he soon found it cowering in a corner.

it was so tiny and cute, scrunched up against the corner! kevin carefully picked it up and took it somewhere outside.

maybe i reported our other bunny rescue a while ago, the one in amy and jim’s yard where we saved about four or five bunnies from amy and jim’s dogs?

there’s always lots of animal excitement around here.

and speaking of…

the deer are worse than ever. i posted photos of the chomped hostas a couple of weeks ago, but now all the hostas are just sticks. the deer has also eaten a new smoke bush that was about three feet tall; it had sprung up and was doing nicely after the old smoke tree had split in half.

the deer also went almost right to the front porch, eating most of the buds off my phlox, a lovely flower that bloomed a long time last summer. the also chewed up a few of the hosta leaves that were about a foot from the porch.

they’ll be coming inside any day now.

amy looked up homemade deer spray online and i mixed up a batch. in the video the guy claimed that it’d only take four or five days for the stuff to ferment in the sun, and would then be super stinky and potent.

the ingredients were an entire egg with shell, milk, cayenne pepper, garlic, oil, dish soap and water. it sat in the sun for four days and when i opened it on sunday…it smelled like a nice garlicky pasta sauce. i added another egg and more milk, and it’s cooking again, but this morning it had the same pleasant odor.

the last time i used the deer spray i’d bought on line i added some red pepper to it, because the deer hadn’t cared at all about the regular spray. even though it was ground cayenne, it clogged the nozzle so i couldn’t spray, so i ended up frantically splashing it onto the plants.

to no avail.

of course.

right now i’m about to go outside and try to unclog the spray with the hose and then i’m going to mix up a last batch of the stuff i bought online. not that it’ll make a difference – i’m sure the deer view it as a tasty salad dressing.

maybe the homemade stuff will eventually ferment, but it’s weird that it hasn’t yet. i added the dish soap and oil even though the recipe didn’t call for it because those ingredients were in similar online recipes, and i figured they would help the stuff stick to the plants.

my long-term plan now is to bring everything i can into the fenced yard. this is going to involve lots of tilling and then of course lots and lots of digging and transplanting, but at least my plants will be safe. eventually i’ll plant roses of sharon to replace the other plants, because the deer don’t care for them so much, at least when they’re big. if they get that far – i’ve transplanted some of the r. of sharon in the past and the first year the deer found the leaves to be delightful but at some point they realized that’s a plant that they hate.

whew. must get to it as the temperature climbs.

ok then,

mrs. resolute tuesday morning hughes.


darling demons…

by grace on June 23, 2019

rain rain rain, that’s mostly what we’ve had around here.

besides the fact that the weeds are sprouting up too fast for me to keep up with them, the rain also washes away the deer spray.

yesterday a deer was happily munching on some of amy’s flowers and then wandered across to my side yard to start in on mine. luckily amy chased her away and then sprayed my flowers for me. THANKS, AMY!

i spent three days weeding weeding weeding and finally munching the entire side of the house. mom helped one of the days which was awesome.

here’s the section with the lilies and the hydrangea in back; the hydrangea are doing fantastic this year, but if left untreated the deer will eat them in addition to the delectable lily buds and flowers.

the other day i realized the deer had eaten half of the tops of these spiky purple flowers in the front; they look a little bit like thistles, and people always think they’re weeds, and they keep spreading like crazy.

the little spiky tops which eventually get big and purple when in bloom are spiky to the touch and what kind of deer would eat them?

this girl.

yesterday i was sitting in the fenced yard and heard a little sound and it was this deer eating a bunch of honeysuckle. why can’t she be satisfied with that, the honeysuckle has sweet blooms and it spreads like crazy and i have to pull it all the time?!

when i took the photo she trotted around to the back and i had to yell at her to get away from the hostas.

that was all well and good, but then, this morning…

these are the hostas at the back of the fenced yard. it took me a long time to individually pull and also use the shovel to dig the tall grasses that had sprung up inside and around the hostas. they’d looked so bad for such a long time, and i spent over three hours yesterday weeding like mad and spreading some mulch.


and last night i know that deer said to herself,”how nice of them to get rid of the really not tasty weeds, plus the sweet and delicious hostas are now framed with the lovely red mulch!”

she ate half of the hostas outside the side of the fence. these are closest to the house; she clearly doesn’t give a damn about proximity to us. she’ll probably be moving in soon!


and finally…sometimes they’ve nibbled on these hostas at the bottom of the deck, but nobody has ever ravaged them like this.

you have to be kidding me!!!

maybe the deer are somehow attracted because of the mulch? because i think that i’ve run out of mulch and energy instead of mulching in these areas, plus the hostas have been so huge that you couldn’t see the mulch anyway.

so anyway, that’s the problem here in paradise. i’ll keep spraying, but i sprayed today and it started raining abou 10 minutes later, and it’s gonna rain again at 4:00, and then later, and then tomorrow…

maybe there’s some kind of thing that would be a deterrent? something like the fake owls that are supposed to scare away the woodpeckers.

i must look into that…

i have lots of photos of our sweet kitties, but right now i must get back outside because it’s fairly lovely out at the moment.

ok then,

mrs. sunday afternoon hughes.

p.s. have you seen “rocketman?” it’s AWESOME!