The day after Easter I drove past this grand house in Laketown. It’s always fully decked out for any and every holiday, but I thought this Easter decor was above and beyond, maybe because not so many people decorate do much for this holiday.

The daffodils were beautiful this year as usual, except a part of them over there on the leftdidn’t bloom at all. Maybe because they’re under a tree? But it’s not a very robust tree, hard to say. It’s always something. Yesterday I did find a nice little clump of daffodils mixed in with the bushes at the top of the driveway.

An April 6th Mom and I took our second bot ride of the year and as we slowly glided down a nearby cove we spotted a swan. As we headed back out of the cove the swan started following us.

This happened to us last year but then the swan was much more aggressive. I wasn’t worries about this one, but I did document it in case it suddenly went crazy and tried to attack.

I sure with I had a before picture of this spot. It’d been piled with a huge messy clump of old boards and Kevin, Mom and I cleaned it all up. I guess we need to plant some grass there soon.

Friday April 9th we had our first Friday night weenie roast. Kevin started the fire, using some of the wood we’d collected a couple of days before.

Since he’s a fire expert we soon had a nice blaze going.

I thought about taking another picture as the night wore on but it was just so relaxing to sit there and start at the flames. Hopefully we’ll have another one this Friday although it’s going to be more chilly, but of course the fire would keep us warm. I mentioned to Bev about the Friday night weenie roast and she said she’d “come to one this summer,” which surprised me a little because I figured she didn’t want to venture out for who knows how long. I’ll have to keep reminding her, and hopefully she’ll join us soon.

Ok then,



Yeah, pretty lame that i’m just doing this now.

same excuse as before; it’s now 11:30 on this sunny friday morning and at least i’m out of my jammies, but only just. lots of time spent reading reading reading about the coronavirus; the latest news is that it could be here for 18 months to two years. oh boy. my biggest concern is that i get the sense that many americans think it’s almost over or some such nonsense. i’m so sad for the many people who will die because states are leaping ahead like crazy.

but maybe people will have sense to stay at home, no matter what their governor or other elected official might say.

everything seems fraught with an underlying sense of anxiety, at least that’s how i feel. plus what about all those poor people working in meatpacking plants, who are going to be forced to go back to work or lost their unemployment? and they keep saying that they’re going to have to euthanize the animals; i understand that it’s devastating to the farmers, but i feel bad for the animals because they end up dead either way.

but don’t we all?

yes. and on that happy note, here are my final photos of march.

march 19th, so many deer out in the circle.

darling lester, always a cheerful and calming influence.

Sweetie is getting more well-adjusted and happy by the minute. she regularly lies down on my lap or kevin’s and happily purrs while we pet her. she does have interactions with les paul and riley but it’s never more than a little batting, never hissing.

March 28th, so many white pelicans out on the water! i think they’re gone now.

Pelican in the background, daffodils blooming in the front.

Lovey, officially an inside cat! Kevin brought her into the screened porch on March 29th. things went ok for a while but because it’s a sliding door it was too easy for her to slip out when he opened it.

I can’t remember all the shenanigans that ensued, but i know that they included a stare-down with lester in the front hall. Lovey ended up in the upstairs guest room and she’s still happily living up there.

She almost immediately went through a personality change – instead of being constantly on alert, looking around for possible threats, she was so happy to stretch out on the floor and take a nap.

Kevin petter her as she purred and finally went to sleep…here’s a very short video of how lovely Lovey is.

It didn’t take long for somebody to be curious about what was going on in there. Surprisingly, it wasn’t lester, but instead Sweeie.

Since then, we’ve put a little block in the door so it remains open about an inch. Anybody can come up and they can sniff each other, but i that’s only happened once to my knowledge. On that first day Lovey let me pet her, too, but since then she’s become more aloof towards me. But that’s ok, we have nothing but time.

Last night when i visited her after kevin had gone to bed, she did lick some squeezy treat off my finger, so that was good.

Kevin hooked up a small TV up there and she gets to watch lots of bird videos, which she’s usually pretty interested in. It’s just so awesome that she loves and trusts Kevin so much. someday she’ll be integrated into the family, but like i said, it’ll be a while.

meanwhile, last photo of march – as I left mom’s house these two deer wanted to know why i was interrupting their cocktail hour.

And now it’s after noon and i have to get up and go for a run. a slow jog. if i manage to move every day it help stave off the crazy. a little bit, anyway.

i hope you’re staying sane and safe in these unnerving times.

ok then,



april…cats, mostly.

by grace on April 23, 2018

yeah, a mighty chilly april.  I’ve either been busy working or sitting around waiting for spring to actually arrive.

riley is doing his best to adjust to life-at-breakneck-speed that we have around here.  I love how his paw is dangling down like that; he hasn’t done that since.

Winnie has had his ups and downs, and last night I was afraid it was near the end.  maybe it is?  but today he’s been eating a lot and seems more cheery. this is from april 8th, and maybe he’s about the same?

the morning of april 9th, more snow.   riley hadn’t experienced it before, and he was intrigued.

the same morning; I like having this photo to document the fact that somebody actually sat on the floor-to-ceiling kitty tower.  yeah, it does seem like a waste of money.  maybe we’ll take it down soon.  I got it so riley would scratch on it instead of the couch, plus they could hop from level to level.

but no hopping around here.  and riley much prefers the tasty back of the couch to scratch away on.

we do our best to make les feel loved…

as I was trying to put stuff into a backpack, les felt that it was a perfect napping spot.

ok, I haven’t ordered any big scoops of mulch yet, haven’t done much of anything, yard-wise…but this giant black tube has got to go.  kevin says he bought a smaller tube and is going to bury it.  so we’ll see about his progress.  it makes me a bit crazy to think of how many times I’ve dug up and then re-planted hostas back there and how it looked pretty good last summer…but this big tube was skirting along the side of the house, not very visible, but then water came into the basement, as it does.

I took this on april 12th and already the hostas are coming up, as well as the lilies I transplanted last year, and the ferns…soon it will be very challenging to bury the tube because the place will be covered with plants.

and speaking of plants…I saw this at our vet’s office, and was astounded that it’s a real live plant, not fake.  now, looking at it again, I bet it’s some kind of lily, but so incredibly vibrant I wonder if you can grow them around here.

and here are some poor little hostas outside the fence, which have been nibbled on by the deer.  these particular hostas are really close to the house and soon the deer will be inviting themselves inside.

the kitties being sweet to each other for one fleeting moment…

…followed, of course, by ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK.

I took this on Saturday.  no new mulch yet.  soon, though, I promise…there’s so much to be done, and i’m not inspired.  hopefully warmer weather will make me wanna get out and do stuff.  actually, on Friday afternoon it was pretty nice outside and I decided to pick up a few leaves near the walk.  I was wearing my slippers, and soon I was tromping all over the garden in my slippers, scooping up the leaves.  I did wear gloves, at least, but slippers?  very very close to a crazy old gardening lady, clearly.  maybe already there.

but then wait – I took this picture at the end of last march, and the garden looked just about the same.  it’s a very very late spring.


one final photo in april – yesterday we had people over for dinner and I suddenly decided I needed to do some cleaning.  once a year, at least.  I took this to show that at least once a year things can be shiny and dusted.

ok then,