Wrapping up July, mostly with kitties…

by grace on September 11, 2020

We went out on the boat yet again on July 16th and went farther into the infamous “hot ditch” next to the power plant than i’d ever been. usually there are plenty of fishing boats because the water is so warm there but since it was a week day, nobody else was around.

a short video of the power plant, and i love this still of mom!

here’s our lone crocosmia, the flower i’ve written about before. we saw many of them in ireland and wales and i bought many, many seeds and a few came up but this is the only one that has bloomed more than once. it’s surrounded by lilacs which i think protect it from the winter wind and cold.

We were back out on the boat again on July 19th and what a beautiful evening…

and again on July 20th! i forgot that we’ve been out on the boat so much this year.

Lovey! she’s getting slightly less freaked out by me as the days progress. in a few years maybe she’ll let me pet her. we’ll see.

Riley, darling in the heated cat house that Kevin put in the living room.

Goldfinch on top of the hummingbird feeder. i think there were actually two of them out that day.

Lester in his basket! i can’t remember how this basket ended up in the living room but it’s one of les’s favorite places now. he’s in it as I type this, as a matter of fact, nodding off because he has such a very busy life/

This doesn’t happen too often. Sweetie generally regards the other cats as her enemies although sometimes i think she likes for them to chase her. but sometimes she’ll start batting at them in an aggressive manner, so it’s nice that she was sharing her spot on the shelf with Riley.

and here she is emerging from the upside down clothes basket special tower we have in the living room.

and now i’m realizing tht our living room is pretty much a kitty haven, with the upside down clothes basket tower and the other basket and the heated kitty house and the steps up to the kitty condo. we’ve talked about constructing some kind of kitty highway around the top of the walls, which would be even more fun.

and that’s it for July. my plan, which will probably change, is to post just a few photos so i can get caught up…

and so it goes.

ok then,

mrs. 9/11 day hughes.



by grace on September 23, 2017

trying to remember my excuse for being so lax in posting much in august, i looked at photos.  i was pretty busy doing stuff outside.

i power-washed the little dock, and wow, what a difference.

lester approved.

while i did that, kevin installed a portable toilet on the boat.  he also bought a privacy curtain!  he thinks of everything.  he replace the big bench seat with a smaller one, which he was in the middle of attaching here.

i’d borrowed amy & jim’s new power washer because ours broke and at some point i realized that i was burning the hose.  so dumb. at least it didn’t burn all the way through plus luckily for some reason kevin had an extra hose that he could swap for it.  it’s always something.

meanwhile…another beautiful evening.

i set the old bench seat amongst the chairs around our fire pit.  very comfortable, a couch by the water.

i found this great stand-up to give to kevin for his birthday, and added the caption.  i set it up the night before his birthday, and it’s funny how many times princess leia has startled me.  i assumed he’d take her down to his man cave, but she’s sitting in the living room right now.

a handful of the crocosmia bulbs i planted flowered.  they didn’t do that well, but i assume they’ll come up in more abundance next year.  everything is suddenly burnt up because we’ve had a last bit of ridiculous summer heat, plus no rain at all.  for example, right now at noon it’s 90 but feels like 94.  it looks a little like fall with leaves on the ground, but feels like the heart of summer.

uh oh..chester decided he was desperate for a mini cupcake.   cats don’t like cupcakes, but nobody told chester.

as i was driving home one day i stopped to look at these fawns, who were taken aback while their mom continue to snack.

lester, with the best view in the house.

amy gave me these beautiful yellow canna lilies – she didn’t know which ones she bought were yellow, and they’re so dazzling and still blooming now.

the last hurrah of our very old and dying peach tree.  we used to get an unbelievable amount of peaches from the two trees, and now the last one has had it.

here’s a “where’s waldo” peach – see it in the upper right corner?  there were actually about five of them, but they all disappeared.  we need to plant something else next year.  i love mimosa trees, but on the other hand it sure was nice to have our very own peaches.

i’m staying inside today because of the ridiculous heat plus i managed to get a cold two days ago.  i’m trying to be very still, hoping  it won’t linger.

like i said, always something.

ok then,

mrs. seeing the end of september lurking hughes.


more of june…

by grace on July 12, 2017

boat ride!  so far the pontoon boat has been running great; i think this is the first year since we’ve had it that it has managed to keep running this long into the summer.  hmm, better not jinx it.  the water was really high in june, and the yuccas were in bloom.

these flower shoots are called crocosmia.  i guess they have them here in the US, but i had never noticed them until we went to ireland. i planted lots of bulbs, and some of them are slowing coming up.

i planted them all in places where i’d dug up my lilies which got eaten by deer every year.


i liked them so much when i first saw them at the Powerscourt Gardens in Ireland that i took a picture of the sign, so i’d remember them.

this is what they look like in bloom.

anne wareham also had lots of them in her spectacular Veddw House Garden in Wales.

wow, i hope we get to go back there sometime soon.

so it’s only taken me two years to finally plant some.  not bad, for me.  plus they’re supposedly deer-resistant, so theoretically i won’t have to dig them all up in a year or two.

here are a few shots of the moon, which has been looking spectacular again.

it was unusual to see a white pelican; i only remember seeing them on the lake in winter.  maybe this one realized that our lake is so packed full of fish that he decided to make it his permanent residence.

randy bought these wonderful solar lights which clip on the edges of his umbrella.  i’m tempted to buy some, except they’re kind of pricey at pier one, plus i’m pretty sure they’d somehow get broken on our deck.  as things do.

right now as i sit here on my couch it’s 92 outside but feels like 107.  yeah, kinda ridiculously hot & humid.  welcome to july.

ok then,

mrs. summertime hughes.






finally, we began our Wales Walk!  it was supposed to be 11 or 12 miles, around the peninsula in Dale, and then up the coast a bit to the little town of Marloes, where we’d spend the night on Wednesday.

our two suitcases had to be downstairs and ready to go by 9:00, but i hadn’t slept so well and didn’t get up til about 8:15, so there was a whole lot of rushing about.

the Allenbrook B&B was such a quirky, beautiful place, and it’s too bad we didn’t get to spend a little more time there.  there was so much to see in every room that it was impossible to take it all in.



those funny little egg-shaped salt and pepper shakers are just like ones we have at home.  i can’t remember exactly where Elizabeth, the owner, said she got them, but she definitely acquired some of her things from the US.


outside, this peacock wanted to see what was going on.

i bet he was hungry!

i bet he was hungry!

isn’t that a great painting with a peacock there on the back wall?  this was the most fancy place we stayed in on our whole trip.  because of its age, and i’m sure the huge expense of keeping things up, the plumbing was sort of an issue, but it didn’t matter so much.


look at that collection of dogs on the top shelf!  plus so much more.  Dad really would have loved this place.



we finally made it out the door, at a quarter to ten.  last night i’d been so worried about the cold weather, but it was already warm and sunny and a perfect start to the day.

the walk was finally about to start!

the walk was finally about to start!

because this was our first day, and because there were just so many things i hadn’t seen, i felt the need to take an overabundance of photos.  for example, the chickens and peacock hanging out in the yard.


the view of the house – this isn’t even the whole thing, it’s so sprawling.  did i mention there was croquet set up?  which we didn’t take the time to play.  stop and smell the roses, stop and play a round of croquet; how many times do you have the opportunity?


i loved this little stream with a wall on the back part of the property.  now i realize that those orange flowers there on the left are crocosmia, which i found in many places all over wales and ireland.

such a lovely place, Allenbrook

such a lovely place, Allenbrook

the end of the driveway.


we closed the gate to take this one.


up on the road on the outskirts of town – yes, this is an actual road, and a car passed us at one point.

the town below us.  it’s funny that the sign says 3o kilmometers an hour – that’s about 18 MPH.  i can’t imagine doing anything other than creeping down this road in a car, but the car that passed us was moving right along.

this photo makes me want to go right back to Dale.

this photo makes me want to go right back to Dale.


by 10:00 we’d arrived at the first gate, the beginning of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path for us.

the entrance to the path, off the road

the entrance to the path, off the road

and we walked, and walked, and stopped every five minutes or so to take a picture, or rest, or both.

next will be the path itself…

ok then,

mrs. walking hughes.




Wales Day 11 – Part 3

November 8, 2015

what a day!  we finally arrived safely in the small town of Dale, checked into our B&B, and walked out the door to find some dinner. but first…the owner had three old and fabulous cars in his driveway.  this one was under a canopy, and the others were in the garage.  kevin says this is […]

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