TWO days til xmas…

December 23, 2018

…I’m just saying. not a huge amount of time for getting ready. not huge. some might say, not much time at all. i’m not one of those people. I guess i don’t have that much to do, not very many people to buy gifts for, i guess i’m done with that. i felt like i […]

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other things at the end of 2017…

January 25, 2018

well, here’s the great photo of lester and chester, as chester patiently waits for les to finish his meal so he can swoop in and devour the remains.  poor little kitty. winnie, sleeping on a “mutts” pillow. here’s mom’s living room facing the lake, with the darling little Hobbs kitty. here’s a panorama of the […]

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wrapping up november…

December 15, 2017

Mom got an iphone!  a big one, and she’s very please with it, and is doing a great job of figuring out how to make it work. lester scaling a stump on a november walk. another beautiful lake view. a bunny lives in the diminishing log pile, and les is always determined to chase him […]

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happy new year’s eve day!

December 31, 2016

things have changed dramatically around here. the puppy had been here a week, and the cats were traumatized and i knew that coco would continue to be puppy-like for two years.  les spent much of his time hiding in the bedroom. and one night i sat in there with him, feeling depressed and pretty sure […]

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wrapping up december, making way for this shiny new year…

January 2, 2016

the sun is shining this morning, although it’s cold…it’s nice when we have the blue skies, because of the many gray days we’ve already had. just a few more december photos, and then on to 2016!  which will be filled with…about 365 days.  except now only 364, so let’s try to make the most of […]

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happy…three days after xmas…

December 28, 2015

yeah, i’m not even quite sure how that happened.  whoosh, and it’s over.  the day after christmas i got up and thought that i really wanted to take down all the decorations, but since i’d put the very final ones up on xmas morning, i decided i should hold off a little. i went a […]

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happy christmas eve morning!

December 24, 2015

i hope you’re happy and not having any holiday depression, i hope you’re not already drunk before 8 a.m.! but if you are, i hope i makes you feel better. here at the hughes house…things are quiet, except, of course, for a little chester-winnie hostility.  right at this nanosecond, though, they’re peaceful. every year i […]

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January 21, 2015

and things are good.  here are the final, final photos from 2014.  let’s be done with it already! just a few xmas photos – i’ve noticed that many, many people still have their xmas decorations up still.  get over it, people! here’s a happy xmas story…ever since november, when they started having lightning deals on […]

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good morning good morning good morning!

January 15, 2015

whew.  HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR’S DAY! yeah, i know, waaaaay late, not an auspicious beginning to this shiny new year. the thing is, i spent new year’s eve in our popup camper, in fort myers, florida… a deliciously warm way to usher in the new year, and we were gone til last saturday, the 10th, […]

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merry christmas, again!

December 25, 2014

i’m over christmas now. i’m sitting here on the couch and they’re re-playing the christmas in rockefeller center special.  LeAnn Rimes was singing “i want a hippopotamus for christmas.”  didn’t she used to be a country singer?  she was trying to be kinda funky about it, and she came out in a black trench coat […]

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