Hosta Stick Garden

by grace on July 20, 2019

Last Saturday morning, the 14th, i finished transplanting every single last hosta from all over the yard into the fenced yard. Whew.

As i wrote previously, i first dug them up, piled them in the wagon and pulled the wagon into the bedroom front door and out the back into the fenced yard. because, of course, there’s no way to actually open the back gate because then Lester would immediately find out a new way to escape.

this was a lot of work because the wagon full of hosta sticks was quite heavy.

the next time i tried it, i instead hurled the hostas over the fence. i had been meaning to ask kevin to lower them in a buck over the fence to me, but i decided this other way wasn’t bad. the hostas survived my hurtling, and it way better than the wagon.

but then i decided that the perfect solution was to pile some into a bucket and carry it back to the yard. the ones i’d flung over the fence had left piles of dirt in the yard, which annoyed me.

so last saturday morning i dug up the remaining hostas down at the bottom of the deck and then dug up a giant hosta right in front of the porch; last year the deer hadn’t touched it, but this year, anything goes.

i finally dug up the few remaining hosta sticks in the circle out front – this was the last part of the giant hosta circle that dad had been proud of. i’d transplanted some of the hostas from there to other places before, and there were only six or seven little hosta sticks left. it’s a little sad that the hosta circle is gone, but at least many of those hostas are going to live a happy life in the fenced yard.

kevin had tossed seven bags of mulch over the fence for me, and he’d also helped dig a few holes, and i got it all done and was exhausted but happy.

my Hosta Stick Garden

I took these pictures on saturday after i finished, and they’re already looking better.

this one even bloomed! i’m pretty sure this is one i’d transplanted a few days earlier.

I’ve been watering them and have high hopes.

and then, i have about eight or 10 daylilies that need to be transplanted, plus some big hydrangea, all at the side of the house. every bud has been eaten off the lilies plus the deer are eating the stems, and they’re making their way through the hydrangea.

right now there’s no place to put all these flowers until kevin does more tilling in the fenced yard. so that’ll wait a while. which is fine by me.

plus i want to plant some roses of sharon in most of the empty places where the hostas had been, but that can also wait.

last friday night, amy, mom and i took a lovely boat ride.

the motor was making such a spectacular wake, but there was no way to get a good photo – maybe somebody with a better camera could get one that’s not so blurry.

and one final funny thing – i wasn’t home last saturday afternoon, and kevin decided to take les for a walk. lester walked under the deck and sat there, waiting for unsuspecting birds to appear. soon kevin realized that les was not going coming out; he wouldn’t even look at kevin who was trying to get him to emerge.

kevin texted me, telling me of his quandary and i suggested shaking a treat container at him.

he tried, and later told me that les did finally turn to look at the sound, then he poked his head out a litttle, and then one paw, and finally came out enough for kevin to pick him up. funny kitty!

ok then,

mrs. july hughes.


june june and more june…

by grace on July 3, 2018

i’m having a free moment right now.  it’s perfectly quiet here in the house, lester is sleeping on the back of the couch nearby, everybody is asleep.

I’ve been photoshopping my june photos, realizing I was very busy taking lots and lots of them…

here’s our neighbor frank using our new boat to tow the old boat over to the dock.

it looks so serene, doesn’t it?  the last ride on the old boat, it’s fitting that it was while being towed with the new one.  getting it into the lift was not so serene, involving kevin dashing about, leaping and jumping from dock to boat to trailer, pushing and pulling and getting into the water in his big boots, and whew, it was harrowing.  but somehow he managed to make it all happen, and now it’s all about the new boat going forward.

in the fenced yard at night, with riley up on his kitty house.

les, studying the hostas.

I feel this is the same bird that I see whenever I go sit by the dock, but probably it’s not.

our first boat ride with other, as toun appreciated the new boat.


I was in mom’s yard watering some roses of Sharon i’d transplanted and suddenly there was this momma and baby deer.  why does it seem that there are so many more of them this year?  the other day kevin says he saw five fawns playing together!

june june june.

ok then,




getting the boat out of the water for the year…

by grace on September 25, 2017

we did this just a few hours ago, and i want to post this to show the dramatic difference in the water level between when we took the boat out for repair on august 18th, and today.

there goes kevin again, after untying all the ropes so i could set sail.

many of the huge leaves have fallen off the sycamore so there’s a big “crunch crunch crunch” sound when you walk, sweltering in the heat.

for the first time ever, today i decided to sit on the seat behind the captain’s seat as kevin pulled the boat our of the water.  why did i always feel the need to sit in the captain’s seat?  did i think i was somehow steering, like a kid on one of those little rides they had at the grocery store, do they still have those anymore?

so today, after sitting up front for so many years, i finally wised up and sat back in the shade.

i’m very very slow at figuring stuff out.

but on the other hand, hey, i posted something on the very day that it happened, this is certainly a rarity.

ok then,

mrs. let’s not get all cocky about things because the momentum rarely lasts hughes.


wrapping up august, as fall is upon us…

by grace on September 25, 2017

i took this on august 15th, when we were taking the boat out of the water yet again for repairs.  there’s kevin, walking up to the house to get in the van and drive over the bridge to pull the boat out.  it’s funny, because today we took the boat out for the season.

also funny because it feels like the middle of august, not the end of september.  it’s a little odd, as the leaves start to change color and fall off the trees, and yet right at this very moment it’s 94 degrees but feels like 96!  which is why i’m sitting in the air conditioning.

gull on a buoy.  sometimes herons perch there, and i’m always amazed at their balance.

kevin did all the work as i sat there in the captain’s chair.

i love the re-blooming lilacs.  they did really well this year despite getting eaten to the ground by the crazy hungry beavers over the winter.  maybe they’ve moved on this year?  maybe they’ve lost their taste for lilac?  time will tell.

the boat was not working much more than working this year.  here it is still at our repair guy josh’s, with a brand new (used) motor.  i was very excited about this, except then we still had issues but josh kept making house calls to repair it.  then it got really hot, so not enough time was spent on the boat by me.  must change that next year!

so many half-finished projects…here’s mom’s patio, with so many weeds growing through the cracks between the bricks.  it seems like bad design to me.  i used amy and jim’s blowtorch to get rid of them, but i think i wore myself out on this day.  i was hoping there would be a lot of rain and i could pull them, but that hasn’t happened yet.

meanwhile…she has a whole different patio around the back and the grass was so tall that you could barely see the bricks!  the thing about this patio is that nobody would probably ever sit there anyway.

i looked after randy’s kitties while he took a short trip.  they’re cute, of course, and here they seem to actually like each other.  the giant Pee Wee, in grey, does always want to play with miss kitty, but she hates him a lot.

so cute!

pee wee had a nice box in the dining room but randy didn’t want a box cluttering up his fabulous space, so he put it in the garage.  i got it back out for the poor little deprived kitty.  he just wants a box, that’s all!  not too much to ask!

miss kitty preferred the comfy bed.

one morning i went with jill to take her dogs for a walk and came across a tree full of these interesting berries.  i looked them up online and finally found that they’re the fruit of something called a Kousa Dogwood.  the fruit is supposed to be delicious.  i didn’t try it.

here’s what the tree looks like.  i saw this tree the day after i’d seen the first one, and i wish i’d have picked some of those berries.

one more darling photo of pee wee…

…and sweet lester, ready for bed…

and BOOM, end of august already!

september, plenty has happened in september, including going to see yet another performance of herman’s hermits!

soon, soon…

ok then,

mrs. sitting around on a monday afternoon hughes.



final photos of june

July 22, 2017

so, ta da, the final photos of june as july zooms right along. here’s bev, giddy with excitement when she spent the night a few weeks ago – she had a procedure done at the hospital and they told her she shouldn’t be alone for 24 hours in case anything happened. all that happened is […]

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July 21, 2017

yesterday, thursday morning,kevin drove the van over to the boat dock as i slowly left the shore on the boat.  i noticed that kevin had installed a nifty new black lamp post at the end of the dock! cool. the water was still, no other boats around, and the breeze felt good.  i arrived at […]

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jinxed it…

July 19, 2017

a week ago i wrote that the pontoon boat was running great this summer, which is probably the first summer it’s done that since we’ve had it.  and i said “i don’t want to jinx it.” which of course i did. kevin and i took a lovely boat ride on sunday morning – amy had […]

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boat launch! plus more from april…

May 17, 2017

we launched the pontoon boat on april 15th, which might be the earliest we’ve ever done that, although i can’t possibly remember yesterday much less last year.  even if we might have launched it earlier one year, it always broke down. kevin did all the hooking up and then unhooking and i was in charge […]

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animals and boats…

October 15, 2015

winnie seems to be handling his diabetes diagnosis pretty well.  i can give him a shot now without freaking him out, and of course kevin has been an expert at it for a very long time.  i took this picture as winnie dozed with his head on kevin’s comfy keyboard, but he looked up at […]

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October…it was bound to happen, i know, but

October 2, 2015

DANG it got here in a hurry.  and here i am sitting on my couch, and it’s not even 50 degrees outside… and once again, i’m trying to remember what, exactly i was so very busy doing all last month. well, first and foremost, i had to take many pictures of lester. poor fella, he’s […]

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