birds at the feeder

i don’t know how i remembered this morning that i’d forgotten to post these photos. maybe it’s because my brain appears to be sharp and good, i’m sure because the sun is shining and it’s supposed to be in the 50s today.

sunshine, good.

this is the first picture i took of the birds at the feeder and on the lake, and i like it because there’s such a huge amounts of birds.

after i took so many pictures last sunday i was in such a good mood about being out in the sunshine that i go for a short run down the road. as i turned around to go home this little deer was standing there looking at me.

one final imageof last sunday, i liked this one because the beach house in included.

and now i roar into action and do many outside activities…

ok then,

mrs. the start of february hughes.


that’s it for January!

by grace on February 1, 2020

yay, we made it through january! Lester and Riley are chill.

they stopped what they were doing for a moment so i could get a picture…

…and then it was back to cleaning. i don’t think we’ve had two kitties who loved each other so much. Winnie and Honey were pretty happy together until Honey sometimes got a little too rambunctious for Winnie.

so darling.

lots of white pelicans out on the water, but they weren’t quite close enough for me to get a good shot.

bird in flight! they were very busy.

the bird on the far left looks like its head is in a hole in the bird feeder but there’s no hole there. optical illusion.

february has started out gray, for a change. that’s six days in a row now with no blue in the sky at all.

but it’s supposed to be unseasonably warm tomorrow, that’ll be nice.

and before we know it, it’ll be spring.

in the meantime…amy has the flu, kevin has yet another cold, and i’m determined not to catch it this time. hmm, can you will a cold to stay away?


ok then,

mrs. first day of february hughes.