Final Day in Florida – March 2, 2019

by grace on April 15, 2019

We took our final walk on the beach over to Seaside.

Here’s us, looking almost the same as we did the first day. except for our nice new A30 baseball caps.

it’s funny that there was no name on this banner. or maybe the restaurant is called the shrimp basket?

This was the day before the race they were having that started just outside Seaside, and i’d read that there was going to be some kind of expo on saturday. why did i want to see the expo? i don’t know; maybe because there might have been something interesting there.

there wasn’t. we walked through the town which was much more crowded than we’d ever seen it, but it took a while to find the expo. it was just a bunch of junk, plus loud and crowded. we just walked through and out the other side, and back down the road to our condo. i think this was the warmest day.

the only thing we bought in Seaside was some alcohol – i can’t believe they had wine called Grace, so i had to buy a can even thought it cost seven bucks.

I sat on the beach on last time…

and then, because it was so warm out and because i knew this was my last chance, i went swimming in the ocean. well, not so much swimming, more like standing around and then paddling a little bit. i felt very brave.

one last night, and then we got up early on sunday to get out of town before the runners finished the race and there might be a traffic jam. we left by 8:45, definitely a record.

It was a long first day, and this was the day a big tornado wiped out a little town in Alabama. We didn’t know anything about the tornado til we got to the motel that night, but we were only about 40 miles from it, in Montgomery. It was pouring so hard that Kevin had to stop at a rest area for a while. it’s a good thing iw asn’t driving at the time because i’d have been quietly freaking out.

We made it all the way to Clarksville, so it was a pretty quick drive the next day and we were home around one i think.

the kitties were happy to see us. i emptied out my backpack and les climbed right in.

a while later kevin took this picture of lester.

later in the afternoon both kitties were lying on their tower, and all was peaceful.

the end.

ok then,

mrs. h, mid-april, as maybe spring slowly starts to arrive here…


a very very active day down south

by grace on April 2, 2017

thursday march 10th was our last day at orange beach and the weather was once again perfect.  we were going to run on the beach but kevin was having issues with his glucose meter so i ran by myself.  there was a pier down the way and i decided to run all the way there.  it was a little farther than i’d intended to run, about three miles in about 38 minutes.  a snail’s pace i know, but fast enough for me.

when i finished kevin was still having issues, so i went back to the beach to watch the waves and the cute little birds.

cute little bird tracks!


i bought this hat online on impulse because it was cheap, uv-protectant, and said it would easily roll up in your suitcase.  it was awfully floppy but it somehow didn’t blow away.

this is the only little lizard i saw.  also very cute.

in the afternoon kevin was ready for some activity and i thought “hmm, i’m kind of exhausted from all that running,” but it was our last day so i didn’t say anything and we headed to the Gulf State Park.  i’d read all about it and it seemed there were many entrances to various trails but we had a heck of a time trying to find one.  we finally ended up at the entrance to the campground where a nice woman there gave us a xeroxed map that showed the directions to a trail she said was good.

and it was!  except of course that i was tired before we even started.  we ended up going for about two hours, a lovely time.  i took the picture for the banner there, in this gorgeous spot with the trees reflecting on the water.

we had initially stopped here because as we neared the area we heard a giant SPLASH and were pretty sure it was an alligator.  we saw the bubbles coming up from the water, but we never did see him.

the trail was paved the entire way, so it’d have been great for bikes.  a lovely end to our time in orange beach.  and the next day…new orleans!

ok then,

mrs. h.