beach birds

sand castle in florida

by grace on March 13, 2019

here are a couple more photos of the elaborate castle complex that somebody had created down on the beach in front of our condo.

can you see the feather at the very top of the tower?

such attention to detail!

i tried not to go completely crazy taking photos of birds, but i do like this one.

here we are, about to climb the steps to Seaside. the funny thing is, because it’s such an exclusive community, there was a locked gate up at the top of the stairs. so we climbed back down and headed for another gate…but this one also had a gate. it’s not a very welcoming place, really…if you aren’t staying there, they only allow you to access the beach or the town from a limited amount of entrances.

i said that i’d climb over the gate because i didn’t want to keep climbing up and down the steps, but luckily the gate was open and we could get into the town.

i’ve already posted that annoyingly vertical video of the town center, and maybe i’ll post more of them.

meanwhile…it’s unseasonably warm here today, supposed to get up into the 60s, so we’re going to take a nice walk. as nice as it can be, with the bron grass and no ocean waves crashing next to us as we go…

ok then,