baby birds

Happy Mother’s Day…

by grace on May 12, 2019

i’ve been sitting on my couch for over three hours now; i’ve been very very negligent about even looking at anything on my laptop, and i decided to finally do some stuff. i thought i’d write a little something here, but then i couldn’t login. i tried and i tried and i created a different password then another password and i looked up online about how to login and one time a live chat screen popped up but i didn’t click on that and then couldn’t find it again.

grrr, is about all i have to say. i finally wrote to Gary, the genius guy who updated my site, but he’s in the UK and it’s past midnight there now, so hopefully he’s asleep already.

and then i tried just one more time to get onto the site…and then of course it worked. magic, clearly.

and just now, gary replied! so YAAAAY gary again. but he’s turned off for the night which is a good thing, and maybe i won’t have any more problems…well, not with signing on, anyway.

meanwhile…i do have some things to say and some good photos and also a video or two of a crazy groundhog, but how’s this for a great mother’s day photo…

these newly-hatched birds are in a nest on mom’s front porch. i saw the eggs a while ago, quite a few little eggs, and suddenly today, ta da! they musta heard it was mother’s day…

as you can see, they’re not even all hatched yet!

i have to go now because of wasting all that time messing around with the dumb login. next time, GROUNDHOG VIDEOS!

ok then,

mrs. h.