4th of July

july festivities…

by grace on July 14, 2019

we went out on the boat and saw the DAV fireworks; they had them on june 29th, which seemed very early and un-4th-of-july-like. plus they weren’t so great.

but they always have ROCK THE DOCK at the marina, and mom, her friend sharon and i sailed over to the other side of the lake to watch. that was on july 5th, also kind of odd since it was after the 4th.

if we wanted to get close to the fireworks we’d have had to go under the railroad bridge, and just one boat at a time can go under it, plus we’d have had to fold down the boat top, so we decided to stay on the other side of the bridge. the last time we’d gone out to see them, many years ago in the old boat, lots of other boats were also hanging out on this side of the railroad bridge and i worried most of the time that we were going to crash into another boat as everybody floated around.

but this time was different – we saw so many boats heading over to the other side of the lake, and almost everybody went under the bridge. there were maybe a dozen boats in this big expanse of water where we floated.

and off to one side, the new isringhausen house was lit up, with a very long table and maybe 40 or so people lined up on either side of it. tiki torches burned down by the shore and it looked very fancy and festive.

as we waited for the fireworks to start we speculated as to what fancy food they’d be eating. mom kept saying she was sure they were having prime rib and lobster, with baked alaska for dessert, but somehow i bet that wasn’t it.

after it got fairly dark, somebody at the isringhausen’s shot off a few impressive fireworks, but it obviously wasn’t a professional because it took them about 10 minutes to shoot off a few more.

the marina fireworks didn’t start til 9:30; we could see them just fine and they were quite good.

a house across from the isringhausen’s was also lit up with lots of party lights everywhere and i think a live band was playing part of the time. i wish i knew those people, i bet that was a good party.

when the fireworks ended i roared off in the night and was surprised that other boats weren’t following me.

that time many years ago, our boat had been so slow that gobs of boats roared past, creating huge waves and i was pretty sure that we were all going to die.

when we docked, we started seeing boats motor by – obviously there had to have been quite a bottleneck at that railroad bridge, as each boat had to wait their turn to go under.

maybe we’ll do that next year?

ok then,

mrs. h.