i don’t have the coronavirus, fyi…

March 21, 2020

in one of my recent posts about mom and my trip to florida i made this statement: “Ok, so…i’ve had a cold with a horrible cough for over a week now. plus, the coronavirus …” what i meant to convey was that i’ve been feeling bad with a cold, as well as bummed out about […]

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Tampa ho!

March 21, 2020

First, my coughing report . *cough* *cough* Amy had a cough in January that lasted 10 weeks. I’m hoping I don’t beat her record. But back to sunny Florida, BCV – surely somebody has coined that phrase, Before Coronavirus, haven’t they? Anyway…after our afternoon at the Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg on Thurs. Feb. 20th […]

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sunken gardens

March 20, 2020

Ok, so…things don’t seem so great right now. i’ve had a cold with a horrible cough for over a week now. plus, of course, there’s the coronavirus spreading rapidly around the world…i feel that in order to maintain a bit of cheerfulness in these trying times, i need to keep writing about our trip, back […]

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thurs feb 20th – one more run by the water

March 16, 2020

We didn’t have to check out of our Air B&B until noon so i was able to go for one more great run. This time i spotted just one lone Ibis strolling around somebody’s yard. I saw so many of these bushes with either no leaves or just a couple of them in so many […]

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Back to the beach!

March 14, 2020

Wed. afternoon, Feb. 19th, we made it to the beach a half-hour earlier than the day before, at about ten til five. More time to relax/walk on the beach before the sun set. more ibis. Ibis plus a gull! Today I brought a big ziploc bag for picking up shells, plus another bag to double-bag. […]

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Downtown St. Petersburg

March 13, 2020

Wednesday, Feb. 19th – The morning started out with another good run. i didn’t take as many photos, except i took a bunch of these birds when i first set out. Jim said they’re Ibis. Just hanging out in somebody’s yard. meanwhile, back at home – our outside cat, Lovey, was super affectionate and playful […]

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Pass-A-Grille Beach!

March 12, 2020

I wanted to see the sun set over an actual beach so we chose the Pass-A-Grille Beach as our final destination on Tues. Feb. 18th. I’d read that it was uncrowded, very important to me, and i also found a site which listed good parking places; my goal was 8th Avenue, the only cross streets […]

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feb. 18th, 2020, more florida sunshine

March 11, 2020

I’m sitting here in my jammies on wednesday march 11th, down with yet another cold. jeesh, that’s two of them this winter, unless i had one even earlier and forgot about it. plus there’s the coronavirus, just declared a world-wide pandemic…so it’s time to try to think happy thoughts. good times in florida…after my run […]

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a scenic run on our second day in florida…

March 9, 2020

instead of culling and deleting and not posting all the photos from our trip to Florida, here’s a bunch from my second run, on Tuesday Feb.18th, 2020. Because i’d run (slowly jogged) down such a main thoroughfare on monday, i decided there had to be a better route. i tried jogging up one of the […]

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wrapping up day one in florida

March 7, 2020

I feel like we left the beach area in Gulfport after lunching and having an afternoon cocktail, but not sure what we did. we came back to the beach to see the sunset. Here’s the famous Don Cesar Hotel in the distance, over on St. Petersburg Beach. we had to look over to the west […]

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