Helping Hands of Springfield

March 6, 2019

My friend Erica is the Executive Director of the Helping Hands of Springfield, a homeless shelter. They are lucky to have her, because she’s awesome at whatever she does, she cares, and she’s making a huge difference. they have a website, and she just started a blog on it. Here’s the link: I have […]

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as february wraps up…

February 27, 2019

well, the month is almost gone. kind of a shitty month, in some regards. part-time-job-wise. but things are really looking up now and i have high hopes for good, creative things for myself. i feel highly motivated, and maybe that’ll last. if not, maybe i’ll at least clean out the pool table room in the […]

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February 3, 2019

at least we’re having a little break from the bitterly cold weather; last week was record-breaking cold temperatures and even though it’s 58 degrees right now, the lake is still mostly frozen. but hey, it’s february, it’s possible to squint into the distance and see spring. i sat out on the swing this afternoon and […]

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more winnie…

January 30, 2019

i feel like i haven’t written anything about him for so long even though it’s only been a few days i guess. i just found a few photos from 2006, when we still lived in westchester. here’s Winnie eyeing a squirrel way up high. That comfy chair… so many animals spent so many happy times […]

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more photos from that big snow…

January 27, 2019

whew. these were all taken right after it snowed, the week before winnie died. Saturday morning, Jan. 12th, Riley was determined to play in the snow even though it was piled mighty high. Shortly thereafter i shoveled the back deck off the bedroom and a path to the kitty house. les immediately had to march […]

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winnie winnie winnie

January 26, 2019

Winnie looks so regal here on the only new couch i’ve ever bought. This is before we got married and moved into Kevin’s house in Westchester. Winnie and Honey on the swing on the old front porch. where is this swing now? did it rust away? why don’t i remember what happened to it? No […]

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one more banner…

January 24, 2019

i felt the need to change the banner again, adding a different photo. i realized that since we got Winnie on Sept. 29, 2002, he surely couldn’t have been more than a month old, so he must have been born in august sometime. to some totally rotten people who dumped a little of kitties on […]

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First photo of Winnie

January 24, 2019

on tuesday i was scrounging around in a cabinet, looking for frames to put some of winnie’s photos in, and i found yet another big stack of pictures. here’s the very first picture i took of winnie! i was ridiculously happy that i found it. he’s perched up on a portable bed, so tiny… Here […]

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September 29th, 2002

January 22, 2019

That’s the day mom and i found winnie on the lake road. we were riding our bikes and suddenly heard a loud MEW from the side of the road, and stopped to see a tiny little grey kitten. somebody must have dumped him! people can be rotten. We decided that mom would bike home and […]

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Darling Winnie

January 20, 2019

is gone. He was such a sweet, loving, gentle, accommodating soul. We are so sad. I’m going to be posting many photos of him, because i keep going through my old pictures and finding so many. Friday night, kevin went to garrick’s house to watch a movie. almost all the time he does this, i […]

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