final photos of NYC

March 25, 2017

whew, that took a while to get to the end of my photos from NYC…i tried not to take so many pictures when i took my next trip four days later, but you know how that goes… i love this building at the south end of central park.  i guess i’m like a crow, always […]

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a thursday door from central park…

March 23, 2017

on our last day in NYC, bev and i spent a good amount of time at the met, then we walked through central park.  we walked by the central park zoo, which i’d never seen before for some reason.  i thought it was funny that it had a llama and a sheep… …and a goat! […]

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more photos at the met…

March 19, 2017

the thing is, even though we were there for more than three hours, it felt like we’d barely been there at all. i’d never seen this fabulous room, called the Wisteria Dining Room.  here’s part of an essay written about it.  The house with this dining room was originally sitting at the foot of the […]

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the day after returning from a trip. or two.

March 17, 2017

as previously mentioned, i was in NYC with my friend bev for a week, ostensibly to help her daughter move, but then that didn’t happen so instead we did a bunch of stuff.  i came home and three days later kevin and i headed out for gulf shores, AL, and then new orleans. we got […]

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thursday door on march 16th

March 16, 2017

here are a few more photos taken at the metropolitan museum of art in NYC in february.  i had high hopes of posting more photos from the museum this past week, but after being home for only three days i went on yet another trip, this one with kevin, and the places we stayed didn’t […]

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the met the met the met – NYC, wednesday, march 1st

March 9, 2017

bev and i headed to rockefeller center and procured two standby tickets to see seth meyer – ours were nos. 5 &6, so we had high hopes that we’d actually get in. meanwhile, we had a whole lovely day to spend at the met. well…not quite such a lovely day.  as i stopped to take […]

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tuesday in NYC!

March 7, 2017

Monday was a great day, going up  in the empire state building, but tuesday was equally fantastic. we went back to erin’s fancy gym, but this time i got to take a yoga class which was really good.  i was a little intimidated at first, not knowing what to expect, but the instructor was not […]

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VIP Treatment to the Top!

March 5, 2017

the top of the empire state building, that is.  because erin’s roommate joe works at the NYC LinkedIn office there in the building he was able to secure us passes to get to the top. he’d already taken us on a tour of the offices, and then we went back down to the lobby to […]

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monday, february 27th in NYC

March 5, 2017

we started our day by going to two of erin’s classes at the eqinox gym.  it was very, very challenging.  after that bev and i strolled over to central park and sat around watching the people.  not as many people this time of year, but still, a good crowd. …back at home, lester was busy […]

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weekend in new york

March 4, 2017

after walking all over the place on friday, saturday wasn’t so busy.  we went to brunch, and then it rained, so we stayed inside.  that was nice and relaxing. on sunday, erin had to go into the city so we rode the subway with her, then went to times square to check out half-price tickets. […]

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