diminishing brain function, each and every day!

July 1, 2018

I felt so good and virtuous, finally posting some photos a couple of hours ago after not doing so for much too long…but just now I got a text from my sweet aunt sandy, who kindly informed me that i’d posted photos of riley but wrote that he was chester. brain dwindling. each and every […]

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the rest of june…

July 1, 2018

roared past, and I can’t believe it’s july.  the weather has made it seem like it’s august, however. meanwhile, a few june photos that weren’t boat-related. les finally sat on the floor to ceiling kitty tower we put up, but since then we’ve taken it away because nobody was really interested. riley at the fence […]

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boat part 2

June 17, 2018

on Wednesday, morning, june 13th, we unveiled the boat and got ready to launch her.  a very exciting morning! yes, we’re very proud of the boat. there are four levels of emissions, and we’re second from the top, at ultra-low.  I think the top one is ultra super stupendously low or something like tha. here’s […]

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boat!!! part 1

June 14, 2018

part one, of many parts ongoing for a long time to come… after mom and my perilous failed boat ride involving crashing and scraping along the shoreline, we bought a new boat. nobody in springfield had a boat we wanted, so kevin found one at the marvelously-named Ted’s Boatarama in Rock Island.  it’s a 2018  20-foot […]

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June 8, 2018

although it’s early june, it feels like august.  91 degrees right now, feels like 96.  might as well be time for the fair. meanwhile, the end of may….this tiny fawn was curled up outside amy’s porch.  since then we’ve spotted it and its mom quite a few times – the tiny thing is smaller than […]

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a three hour tour (a three hour tour)

June 3, 2018

I don’t know why our boat ride Saturday morning reminds me of Gilligan’s island – we didn’t intend to go out for a three-hour tour, and we weren’t shipwrecked on a desert island…but still, it was tumultuous event. I had high hopes for the boat this summer.  our new used motor was finally working right, […]

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May 30, 2018

it’s like I jinxed things by writing that Winnie was OK as of yesterday – last night I stayed up much too late for no good reason at all, and this morning I was awakened by a sound that I couldn’t quite make out, but I suddenly knew that Winnie was having another seizure.  he […]

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post-memorial day activity

May 29, 2018

it’s a very busy day for me here on the day after memorial.  I have a bit of free time in between working, though. the not great news is that Winnie had another seizure after I posted that post on the 18th.  he had one that night, and the next night, too.  but then we […]

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post-birthday cake

May 25, 2018

I had some of this for breakfast.  not the whole thing, mind you; much was eaten last night, and not entirely by me.                                     mmmm, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  buttercream, of course.           […]

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good news for winnie!

May 18, 2018

this morning we took him to the vet and he rode on my lap – he was much less stressed there rather than in a crate.  I told kevin to be extra sure that we didn’t have an accident since Winnie wasn’t buckled in. they had to take blood from his jugular vein which seems […]

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