jinxed it…

July 19, 2017

a week ago i wrote that the pontoon boat was running great this summer, which is probably the first summer it’s done that since we’ve had it.  and i said “i don’t want to jinx it.” which of course i did. kevin and i took a lovely boat ride on sunday morning – amy had […]

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deer in june

July 17, 2017

a fawn appeared at the side of the fenced yard one day. can you see it, there in the middle? it saw me, and hid down in the weeds. it hung out at our house for a while, but amy and jim also saw it next door.  here it is, nestled outside their fence as […]

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more of june…

July 12, 2017

boat ride!  so far the pontoon boat has been running great; i think this is the first year since we’ve had it that it has managed to keep running this long into the summer.  hmm, better not jinx it.  the water was really high in june, and the yuccas were in bloom. these flower shoots […]

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june! as the summer whooshes by…

July 10, 2017

soon it will be time for the Il state fair!  it’s remarkable how quickly the summer is going by.  funny that in april it did nothing but rain rain rain, and now things are dry and i spent a great deal of time watering my flowers. here’s a panorama of my fenced yard; all the […]

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lots of doors at Abraham Lincoln’s New Salem

June 29, 2017

last saturday night i went to see a musical at the outdoor theater at New Salem.  it was a perfect evening, and beforehand i took a little time to walk through the village. If you’re not from around here, New Salem is where Lincoln lived for six years before moving to Springfield when he was […]

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one door on thursday, plus an incredibly random set of May pictures.

June 23, 2017

i haven’t even started trying to find any truly spectacular doors here in springfield, IL, because i fear that there aren’t many.  we certainly don’t have the beautiful old doors posted from around the world on norm’s thursday doors. but i did think this door inside a thai restaurant it pretty cool. and now, for […]

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June 20, 2017

as the first day of summer approaches, i try to find time to sit down and write.  here’s all i have for the month of may after our trip to las vegas. a spectacular display of irises in bloom.  i want that many irises.  maybe next year – deer don’t eat them, so i want […]

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all creatures great and small…but mostly small

June 14, 2017

sometimes i feel like we’re living in the wild here. a tiny fawn appeared at the fence the other morning when i was drinking my tea.  since then we’ve seen it nursing, as well as leaping and bounding after its mother.  so tiny, and so darling. and tonight – well, the cats have really been […]

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vegas plus lots of photos from the plane

June 11, 2017

we didn’t leave las vegas until around noon on friday may 5th, so we had enough time for one more lovely sit by the lazy river. here’s an arial view of the exact spot where we lounged the first two days – right there in the middle. and here’s a shot of the Wet Republic, […]

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more las vegas

June 4, 2017

whew, where have i been for the past 10 days?  outside, or trying to recover from the infinite amount of yard work.  but i love to be outside so much now that the weather is warm – i haven’t even opened my e-mail in a while and i shudder to think about how much clearing […]

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