“Slava’s Snowshow” on our last night in NYC

by grace on January 18, 2020

After dinner in Times Square we headed over to see something called “Slava’s Snowshow;” one day at the TKTS booth a guy had told us about the show and said it was amazing, so we decided to go.

The show was created by Slava Polunin, a Russian born in 1970, who has done lots a and lots of pantomime/clowing. the Snowshow has been around since 1993, but hadn’t been back in NYC since 2008. It’s funny and sad, very clever and certainly nothing like i’ve seen before. Here’s a blurb from their website:

Snowshow is a universal and timeless theatrical poetic spectacle which has unanimously enchanted and empowered the imagination of audiences and critics since 1993 in tens of countries, hundreds of cities with multiple thousands of performances resulting in millions of ecstatic spectators from all nationalities, gender, beliefs, types and ages, probably like no other show. It is a genre of its own and remains as spontaneous and magical as the first day, systematically catapulting all adults back in childhood.

They hung a little light which read “Interval” midway through the performance but it wasn’t truly and intermission. the clown on the left is starting to unroll a massive spiderweb with which they cover the audience.

Some of the clowns started to walk literally over the audience, and here’s a little clip of that.

One of them sat down right next to Mom, which was so cute and funny.

More walking through the audience, sometimes spraying people with water.

Sometimes it was just one clown, and a few of the sketches had more, but the finale was a huge blase of white confetti out to the audience. the force was so powerful that I had to put my hands over my glasses.

After that, giant balloons descended and were knocked around by the audience for a very long time.

Here are two short videos of the madness at the end.

The audience didn’t all leave at once; some left as the finale started, and we stayed for a while but then we felt we’d heard and seen enough.

We headed back to Times Square to catch the subway and I took this photo of the New York Police station there. It was still raining and we were glad to get inside.

The next morning I texted the cab driver who’d delivered us to Brooklyn and I took this as we waited for him. It was in the 50’s that day.

The whole plane experience was much better on the way home. The cabbie dropped us off at our terminal, we checked our bags curbside and made our way through security and to our gate.

this time i didn’t sit in the middle because i didn’t want to be squished, and a nice young man who was going to Design School there in New York sat between us and told us stories of his experiences as a new grad student. Young and full of aspirations, more power to him.

We were happy to touch down in St. Louis and although it was mighty cold when we got home, I was very glad to return to Kevin and the kitties.

gee, it took a long time to get all of this trip posted. next time i’ll do it quicker!

meanwhile, it’s another cold day here in spfld, as the temperature plummets.

happy january,


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