Impressionists at The Met

by grace on January 1, 2020

My favorite thing to do at the Met is stare at the Impressionist paintings. I feel i never have time to properly take the time to look at them, but i’m always happy for the opportunity.

I know i’ve posted these very pictures before, but here they are again, a few of my favorites. monet monet monet.

plus a van gogh or two…

This is the Wisteria Dining room, an Art Nouveau room which was bought by the Met and set up there. i’m pretty sure i’ve also posted this before, because i love it. I just read about the designer of the room and found it fascinating. I won’t copy the whole thing here, but you can read about it here if you care to.

Here’s something different, an artist copying a painting. that looks interesting to do.

that’s all for now on this first day of the new year, sitting here in my jammies with a raging cold.

ok then,


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