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“Hope’s Happy Birthday”

This is a feature film i made when i turned 30 and decided i hadn’t accomplished much of anything in my life, so i decided that making a feature would be the ideal thing to tackle. you can read more about it on my youtube channel.

Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backward!

This is a version of a “Gracetalk” I gave at a “Girls’ Night Out” event at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois on April 7th, 2015. I discussed stresses in my own life, and many deep and philosophical issues that cause us women stress. like food. plus just living every day.


Here’s a Very Important documentary about my adventures in zumba, including interviews with some Very Influential Creative women in Springfield.

The Escape Artist

This is my homage to the delightful black and white silent comedy, “The Artist,” that won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2012. It’s the story of Les Paul, the cat, and his endless struggle to break free from the prison of our back yard.


This is the One-Woman Show i performed at First Night on Dec. 31, 2013, in Springfield, IL. I discuss getting older, with a video featuring my friends Felicia Coulter, Pam Brown, and my mom. I also recount my harrowing experience as a contestant on “The $100,000 Pyramid.”


This is the One-Woman Show i performed at First Night on Dec. 1st, 2012, in Springfield, IL. Included are two short videos I made for the show.


This is a documentary about constructing a huge, elaborate wedding cake-type cake for my friend Randy’s 50th birthday. My friend Lori Ann, a marvelously talented actress and singer, helped me. Lori Ann performs a wonderful “Patsy Cline” tribute show, when she’s not doing other spectacular performances of all kinds.

Many dragees were used in the constructing of the cake.


This is a Comment on Contemporary Art, written by my Aunt Sandy for mom and dad’s ‘ 50th wedding anniversary.

To see the 17-part series about a trip to Scotland that my husband Kevin and I took in July of 2009, click on the “Bicycling in Scotland” tab above.

For the videos of our trip to the UK, click on “England 2011.”

And our trip to Glacier in 2019 can also be found on the appropriate tab above.

To see each and every one of the many, many videos i’ve created, go to my “graceuncensored” channel on youtube. Here’s the link: GRACEUNCENSORED ON YOUTUBE